Oakland Street Style: Athletic Wear

Oakland street style: old school athletic wear

As a dancer/avid biker and member of the Oakland YMCA (a place I love so much it deserves its own post) I spend a lot of time in sweatpants.  I was even called the sweatpants girl by a stranger on my college campus.  As a person who lives in a city now, I decided to amp up my athletic clothes style.  I think everyone should wear workout clothes that are more fun than expensive black yoga pants! I seem to have gone the bright colored 80’s route.   I have been wearing this electric green two piece outfit everywhere, (which cost me $4.00)  I’ve been really into monochrome lately.

photo (8)

My second favorite would be my Lance Armstrong-esque leggings. They make me feel like I can bike forever.

photo (9)

Coming in third, would be my David Bowie sleeveless cut off shirt.  It makes me feel like a tough guy.