I recently found myself back at Knimble,

a name you may remember from a few weeks back. As I perused upstairs I realized I’d highlighted their all-purpose candles and Burner-style earrings, but had neglected to showcase their affordable consignment clothing! I’m not sure who will find this information relevant, but they also have a collection of the largest sun-hats I have ever seen in my life. As in, the brims of these hats had a 2 1/2 foot diameter. Let the albinos in your life know!

stretchy skirt

Small, but stretchy! $12

So, let’s take this Beetlejuice skirt and dress it up two different ways.

It’s stretchy but thick enough to feel structured, and I like the bold horizontal lines. If anyone tells a lady (of whatever weight) to avoid horizontal lines, I say DO IT just to show them. And just because stripes are great. Who made up these rules? Let those lines highlight your glorious ass.

Let’s class up this sexy skirt with a prim, pretty little jacket. It’s 60’s Avon lady realness.

60s style jacket collared

Small, $30, from the now-departed SF store Get Thee to a Nunnery

collared jacket

Get these boots before they are gone, ladies (and stylish, dainty-footed gentlemen!) They’re demure and metropolitan, until you see the backs of them-

maroon knee-high

size 6, $38

-that’s where they reveal that on the weekends, they get WILD at Ren Faires. They’re the perfect mullet shoes: business in the front, giant turkey legs and getting drunk on honey mead in the back.

maroon tall boots laces

Now, let’s stop, rewind, and accessorize this skirt in a totally different way. Take a side trip down a sketchy alley and pair it with this fashionably-battered faux-leather studded jacket! Perfect for your friday night adventures, by fellow writer Gina – check that here
faux leather

Small, $18.50

leather silver studs

Then finish it off with these kickass shoes that can quite literally kick ass (seriously, steel toes HURT.)

men's lace-up boots

Men’s 7, Women’s 9, $42

So which one are you? Classy, or badass-y? You can go both ways, at Knimble.