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Darleen Braquet, also known as The Mystical Sister, is trained and certified in esoteric arts, including astrology, numerology and tarot. She firmly believes that spirituality is a powerful tool for self development and actualization of one’s true desires, happiness and understanding in life. In her work as a public astrologer and blogger and private practitioner of yoga and tarot, her goal is to create a safe space for connection and evolution of ideas, goals and healing of past traumas. She is committed to using esoteric arts and practices to help people find and nurture their true selves, to grow in positive ways and to break free of past negativity that might have occurred in their emotional or physical lives. She is a survivor and encourages all people to wear their voice proudly. She is delighted to be part of the Oakland feminist platform Wear Your Voice as its resident astrologer. She can be found for private consultation and inquiries at her website.